Skin Care Tips For Babies: Keep Your Baby’s Skin Soft And Healthy

Becoming a parent brings a lifetime of joy along with new and unfamiliar feelings of anxiety and doubt. The care and responsibility for this tiny, delicate little bundle is all up to you now.

Unfortunately there is no handy user manual that offers a solution for every possible problem you might encounter. The quest to keep your baby healthy and thriving often seems like a daunting task.

As a parent, you’re brimming with questions about eating habits, sleeping patterns, normal weight gain, illnesses, baby medicines and much more. A common concern that new parents have is caring for their baby’s tender skin.

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How To Make Moving House Easier For Children


Moving is one of the most stressful undertakings you will deal with in your life time. While obviously adults have much to fret about; between financing the move, organizing it and obviously executing it you will have plenty of work to do.

While it is easy to get wrapped up in the stress of everything you are dealing with, it is important to remember the stress your children are enduring as well. They are going through a major life change during pivotal learning years and this must be taken into account.

Use these tips to help your children cope with moving:

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Your Child’s Secret Life Online: 7 Ways to Manage It as a Parent

teen using a laptop computer

by Spencer Melnick, LCSW

Your teen needed a laptop for school, so you bought it. He needed a phone to keep in touch with you, so after a half-hour argument with him at the wireless store, a “phone” became an iPhone 6. He has an iPad Air because, after you told him it wasn’t in the budget, he spent the weekend with his dad, and voila! He has an iPad.

Now, every time you look at your son, he has a screen in front of his face, barely audible text notifications going off at all hours and he’s on social media sites you’ve never heard of. Suddenly, his use of technology has gone past school work and into a strange kind of secrecy.

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5 Warning Signs Of Teenage Crises That Parents Must Watch Out For


Contrary to popular opinion, not all teenage crises will appear out of the blue and because of its unexpected appearance, render parents helpless to change the situation for the better.

There are always warning signs – and you just have to know what you’re look for.

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How To Make Sure Your Kids Have Good Role Models

Emma Watson

As they get older, we need to keep a closer watch.

Regardless of what parenting style you adhere to, you know that children can be very impressionable. At all ages, parents must keep a close eye on the things that their kids consume, be it TV shows or websites, and we need to make sure that they’re not idolizing – or more importantly, emulating – the wrong things.

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The Dangers Of Helicopter Parenting


Many parents these days tend to be extremely protective of their children, to the point that it seems like they’re constantly hovering above their kids. This behavior has been jokingly coined “helicopter parenting,” and despite the humorous name, experts believe it’s no laughing matter.

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Laws Of Adoption In India


This article is the second in a series by Pallavi Bhattacharya, the first of which was published as Adoption For Single Women In India.

Child adoption in India is governed by the Personal Law of each community.

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Parents, Google Yourself Before Your Kids Do

Child on Computer

People share far too much information online. They post revealing or suggestive photos of themselves on Facebook or Twitter, they run inappropriate blogs and use their full name, they comment on posts with anger, poor spelling and grammar, and potentially offensive comments. And they willingly share this information, forgetting that there are consequences.

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Parenting After Divorce: Tips From A Divorce Lawyer

Parenting after divorce

Going through a divorce can be a difficult time for every member of a family. Although parents can experience a great deal of emotional pain and stress during this time, they must learn to help their children cope with the changes in the family structure.

Parents who have no experience with divorce may be unsure how to proceed. An uncooperative ex-spouse can make parenting with traditional methods seem impossible.

However, a divorced parent can also be a great parent. Using the following five strategies will help you be an excellent parent in spite of divorce.

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