10 Tips for Staying Safe this Halloween

For many people, Halloween is a happy time of year where most people are carefree and enjoy the holiday festivities without any problems. However, in recent years it seems like more and more incidents are happening around this holiday, and the worst part is a lot of them could have been prevented.


Knowing how to keep your children, and yourself, safe this Halloween is fairly easy when you follow a few simple safety precautions. Here we have put together a list of simple tips to follow, however you can always find more resources from people like those in your neighborhood watch program or someone that has taken a public safety management program.

1. Wear reflective clothing or tape.

Reflective tape can be easily applied to a costume which helps increase your or your child’s visibility at night. Drivers might have a hard time seeing kids in costumes that are all black.

2. Stick to neighborhoods that you know well.

When you stay in a familiar neighborhood, you will know the streets and cars might be coming from that other people may not see.

3. Always keep your eyes on the road while driving.

While it might be tempting to keep scanning for houses to trick or treat at while you drive, a distracted driver is far more likely to hit another car or a person than someone who keeps their eyes on the road.

4. Never trick or treat alone.

If your children are still pretty young, walk up to peoples’ door with them. This can help keep them calm and safe, and you may even receive some extra candy! If your children are older, make sure they go with a group.

5. Inspect your kids’ candy.

Anything that is not packaged or wrapped, that you didn’t get from someone who you trust, should probably be thrown away. Tampering with food products is much less noticeable if it is unwrapped to begin with, and the risk of food-borne illness is higher in something homemade as opposed to professionally packaged.

6. Don’t let your children wear a lot of material that might restrict their movements.

A child who cannot move quickly due to their costume may have a hard time getting out of the way of someone like a distracted driver. At the very least, make sure there isn’t much below their knees so they can move at a faster pace than walking if need be.

7. Be sure everyone is buckled up while in the car.

Buckling up will help avoid injuries in an accident. Even if a car is going 10 miles per hours, a small child who isn’t buckled up may end up with serious injuries if they get tossed out of their seat.

8. Avoid areas where people drive fast.

Drivers going too fast on Halloween are extremely dangerous, especially in neighborhoods where kids are trick or treating. If you see someone driving unsafely, do not hesitate to call the police and let them know about it, you may end up saving a life.

9. Do not drink and drive.

One of the only things more dangerous on Halloween than a distracted driver is a drunk driver. The risk of an accident is much higher if you are drunk than if you are sober, not to mention that on Halloween you may have a lot of young children in dark clothing running around the roads.

10. Give children a curfew if they are older and going out in a group.

Curfews give parents a way to let their children have their freedom, but still be able to look after them. If your child isn’t home when their curfew is up, start calling people. You should let your child know that there will be serious consequences if they aren’t home when they are supposed to be.


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