Protecting Children from Social Media

How can you protect your children from social media?

One might say, “Do we really need to”? and another would say “We have to”.. and still another will say, “We’re all overreacting”.. and you know what? All three opinions are in a certain way, correct.

Your children hang out in communities, both online and offline

Do some of the following questions and comments sound familiar?

“I’m on top of it, I know what this social networking thing is all about”

“My child doesn’t really use it”

“Does it really matter? It hasn’t been a problem yet”

“My kids are good, they’re responsible and know what they are doing, nothing has happened, nothing ever will”

“Facebook seems harmless, and besides, all they do is text”.

Your children, and for the sake of this post I will keep it to those children that are under 18, are exposed to so many different forms of media and channels of communication, that one has to wonder…

How do you shield them from the dark side and at the same time allow them to explore, absorb and learn without acting or being perceived as the enemy?

Your children hang out in communities, both online and offline, and all of those communities have their own sets of things to do, their own sub cultures and their own cliques; and within those groups there is as well, unwritten rules and what not.

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