Short Kids Stories: The Ruskin Bond Children’s Omnibus

The ‘Children’s Omnibus’ is a superbly illustrated book with an enchanting collection of evergreen stories colored by nostalgia, charm, underplayed humor and quiet wisdom, all the hallmarks of Ruskin Bond’s talent for storytelling. One of the stories, ‘The Blue Umbrella’ was recently made into a beautiful movie starring Pankaj Kapur.

The Ruskin Bond Children’s Omnibus (1995)

Author: Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond’s works seldom fail to delight children and adults alike with the childlike innocence of his tales and his effortless talent for storytelling. His stories transcend all geographical and age boundaries, while still maintaining an aura of the years gone by.

What It Is About

The ‘Children’s Omnibus’ is a superbly illustrated book with an enchanting collection of evergreen stories like ‘Grandfather’s Private Zoo’, ‘Angry River’, ‘The Blue Umbrella’ and many more. ‘Ghost Trouble’ and ‘Cricket for the Crocodile’ remain enduring children’s favourites.

Each story is skillfully crafted and painted with vibrant hues of nature and love. Most of the tales are set against the serene backdrop of the hills and reflect rustic life, while stories like ‘Road to the Bazaar’ portray small-town India to perfection.

This master storyteller does not resort to the supernatural or fantastical to entice his young audience; rather, he bewitches them with sheer simplicity and carefree charm. Conflicts between traditional and modern, urban life versus rural values, personal beliefs, man’s relationship with nature and conservation of the environment and wildlife are recurring themes.

Why Your Kids Will Love It

‘Children’s Omnibus’ celebrates the spirit of childhood at its most vibrant – each story is set in a world of its own, much like the effervescent imagination of a child. There are scenic, tranquil countryside locales, mischievous children, amusing neighbors and communicating animals. Any young reader will derive immense joy in curling up with this book on a lazy holiday – and it is the perfect bed-time read for young school-going children.

The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond's tales delight children and adults alike with their childlike innocence

Why You Will Love It

Despite his British background, Ruskin Bond does not present India from a Western perspective. Every tale is Indian to the core, and the cultural hues vividly shine through. The simplicity and innocence of small-town India provide subtle humor and allow us to relive our own childhoods.

Each character is thoughtfully etched and juxtaposed against a larger social scenario to effectively drive home a message. The stories gently persuade readers to connect with their natural surroundings and create a deep awareness of the environment. For people who love light, yet meaningful reading, ‘Children’s Omnibus’ is the perfect choice.

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