5-Minute Energy Healing Routine For Kids

Joyce MacCallum, an Energy Practitioner, has adapted Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine 5-Minute Routine into a child-friendly version. Joyce has taught this method to Kindergarten through 6th graders with great success. She uses catchy rhymes and silly movements to keep the children engaged in the routine and has modified some of the movements to better reflect the needs of a child.

Donna Eden's Energy Medicine 5-Minute Routine

Donna Eden's Energy Medicine 5-Minute Routine adapted for kids

Joyce was a school teacher for 20 years before she became an Energy Practitioner and enjoys combining these two professions to help both children and adults alike. An intuitive healer (she is clairaudient, clairsentient, clairalient, claircognizant and clairgustant) and Reiki Master Teacher, Joyce is available for private sessions, both in person or remotely. Please contact Joyce at 707.443.5267.

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