Children’s Story Books: The Mountains Of Tibet

Reviewed by 11-year old Sara Ananya Shah, The Mountains of Tibet is a beautiful story about a boy who wanted to explore the universe, and how he decided to try again when he couldn’t by living a new life.

The Mountains of Tibet

Author: Mordicai Gerstein

1. What was the story of the Mountains of Tibet?

It was about a boy, who wanted to explore the universe and how he decided to try again when he couldn’t by living a new life.

2. What did you like best about the book?

I liked it best that even though he didn’t know it, he DID explore the universe.

3. Do you think the author could have improved it? How?

The author could have improved it by making the boy/woodcutter say, “Oh no. Now I have understood what you wanted to do. You wanted to show me the universe! Ok. I shall join you,” when the voice asked him to choose his parents.

The Mountains of Tibet

The story of the death and reincarnation of a Tibetan woodcutter

4. What lessons did you learn from the book?

There was no lesson as such, but I think the author wanted to say that, ‘The things you wish will always come true. No matter how long it takes.’

5. Why would you recommend this book to other kids?

I would recommend this book to other kids because it teaches us to be patient, and learn to wait for what we want. If we do, then we will not worry about when it comes. Everything takes its own time.

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