Education In India: Is Homeschooling Your Child An Option?

By Priti Salian

In the modern day context, most parents cannot conceive of not sending their children to school for their education. But for some, formal schooling for their children is not an option – for such parents, homeschooling is emerging as a convenient alternative.

For example, certain Government employees are often transferred to obscure and often unheard-of areas without good schools. Some families have to travel a lot for other reasons, while others with children suffering from learning disabilities cannot find a school that can handle them appropriately. For such parents, homeschooling really is a plausible medium of education.

How To Homeschool Your Child

If you have only heard of people homeschooling their kids but never considered it yourself, the idea can surely appear intimidating. The very notion of having to manage your child’s studies on your own and even deciding on the syllabus can be extremely unsettling.

You’re probably clueless about the approach and possibly have no one to tell you whether you are going about it right way. However, homeschooling does have its positive aspects and it pays to focus on them.

  • You now have the flexibility to control the curriculum
  • You can concentrate on the subjects that align with your child’s unique aptitude
  • You can now give undivided attention to your only student, who means the world to you
  • You can work in a way that keeps your child’s interest in learning alive
  • Homeschooling time is a great way of bonding with your child

You can pick the curriculum from an abundant CD market, putting together a great mix of games and educational kits and supplementing those with a few books for the class that your child would be attending in a formal school.

Of course, simply picking up a set of textbooks for the required class is also an option. Having done that, it is entirely up to you how – and at what pace – you want to proceed. If you look around you, you will find numerous homeschooling resources to assist you in teaching your child.

Math can be taught with money or a simple tool like a ruler, science with pulleys, binoculars or a magnifying glass, and history with movies, travel and visits to historical monuments and museums.

As you can see, school books are not the only tools available to educate a child (in fact, many now say they are the worst, and that practical devices are the most effective ones for education). Some homeschooling parents prefer to follow their child’s cue when it comes to the actual subject matter.

This is not a bad idea if you use good judgment. If your child wants to study only math, science, music and dance for a certain period of time, let him. Then follow up with the other subjects later. Since there is no external interposition, you can concentrate totally on your child’s interests.

Homeschooling In India: Legal Issues

The good news is that there are no legal issues that you need to worry about. In India, you can homeschool your child without having to register anywhere. In fact, your child does not even need to take any examinations – you are deemed to be the best assessor of your child’s progress!

If, at any stage, you decide to get your child admitted to mainstream schooling, most schools will admit the child after conducting an entrance examination. For future board examinations, your child can appear privately for CBSE, ICSE or a State board. The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is also an option if you register with them a year in advance.

Homeschooling and learning resources

Homeschooling resources can aid you in teaching your child

Will I Be Able To Homeschool My Child?

Why not? Remember the time when your child said the first words or learned to walk – whose efforts were involved there? You might argue that these are natural processes that come to all children.

Well, so is learning. All it takes is a generous helping of motivation and guidance. As for your qualifications – if you have passed school, you can certainly help your child achieve the same.

There is one more thought that may bother you if you decide to home-school your kid–that of having your child with you all day. As a parent it may be difficult for you to spare the time if you are working full.

However, if you are a stay-at-home mother, a parent who works from home or have flexible work timings, homeschooling will fit your routine.

How Will Society View Your Home-Scholar?

Homeschooling may not replace mainstream schooling on all levels, but it sure gives some parents – like those of Thomas Alva Edison and Venus and Serena Williams – a chance to impart knowledge to their kids on their own terms. Would anyone call those people social misfits?

Your child needs acceptance, encouragement, motivation, love and care to grow and learn well. You are the best source for all of these and are most likely to provide those.

Under your personal attention and gentle prodding for independent learning in a homeschool, your child will learn to handle difficult situations in life and become self- reliant. Increased interaction with adults will also help your child understand them better.

© Priti Salian
Priti Salian is a full-time writer and mother to her eight-year old daughter. She has written articles on a host of topics for various publications like Complete Wellbeing, Child, Mother and Baby and Discover India. She may be contacted at
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