How To Know When Your Baby Needs A Nanny

Deciding if your baby needs a nanny is an important question to ask yourself as a parent. A nanny doesn’t just benefit the baby, but the parents as well. They can help take some of the stress of raising a child away, making your own relationship with your children that much stronger. If your child would do better with one-on-one care, consider bringing a nanny into your home.

Here is a list of three way to know your baby needs a nanny:

If your schedule doesn’t allow enough time

It’s no secret that babies require almost constant attention. They need to be fed, changed, burped, put down for naps, and more. This is a full-time job that someone has to be available to do at all times. If you are a working single parent, or if you’re married and you both work, then a nanny may be right for your baby.

The kind of attention that newborns get is vital to their development. Even at such a young age, they are developing important social skills. They watch for people’s reactions and quickly learn what these facial expressions mean. Having someone around to help develop these skills is vital.

If you need time away to build back your personal happiness

“Your positive or negative emotions are completely the results of your own thoughts and actions.” This quote is a line from Dr. Margaret Paul, a psychologist that has written several books about learning to be happy.

She explains that as a parent, your personal happiness shapes how your child grows up. If you are overly anxious or unhappy around your child, they may try to take on the responsibility to make you happy. That is a huge amount of stress to put on a child that can cause them to have many unhappy memories growing up.

If you are in this kind of position, then consider bringing in a nanny to help take care of the baby. This will give you a chance to take a breath and focus on you for some time. Even if you only hired a nanny for a single day, that time could do wonders for you, and help your child grow up in a caring and healthy environment.

If the baby requires one-on-one care, or is not well enough to be put in a daycare

Daycare is just like having a nanny, but instead of being the only child being taken care of, there are several others. This isn’t a bad thing by any means. Your child could form friendships, learn about socializing, be exposed to new cultures, and much more. What a child doesn’t get a lot of in these daycares is complete attention. They have to compete with the other children.

Hiring a caregiver is good for parents that want their child to be their sole focus. Being cared for at home by a nanny will also prevent your child from getting sick or catching any bugs that could be going around.

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