Here’s How To Make Learning Fun For Kids


Kids, they’re a demanding group of cuties and when the stubborn nature takes on, mommies shudder in secret as to what to do next.

Sounds familiar, right? Especially when the little one’s minds aren’t on the study table but at the parks, the lakes, the mountains, immersed in a game or two on some fancy tech gizmo and anywhere else that the imagination can lead to!

It is a serious stare-down with the little ones while you make them or want them to complete their homework; kids want their freedom from a long day of study at school!

Who wins the battle? Let’s make this more of a fun bonding routine each day than a war of words or actions, what say!

Create an inviting study space

Not at the coffee table, not at the window, not on the bed, but set aside a homework place with the coolest personalized décor to motivate your little one to come and do their homework.

Involve your kid into setting up the sanctorum, a place he can call his own. Sprinkle the place with his successful works of art, use clips to hang small to-do-notes, a ticket (we shall talk about that later on) for praise and more.

The place should be colourful and engaging, not distracting though!

Pep talks and brain games

“Sam didn’t help me with the math quiz”, and then that sad pouty look comes over your little daughter’s face. She’s low and isn’t in the mood for studies, and you know you cannot force her into thinking otherwise.

What you need to do is to pep talk her and play a warm up brain game, her brain would revive instantly. Play a quiz with her on math, pertaining to her homework, or maybe an English quiz game on the new story done at school today.

Ask her to teach back and tell you more about it- kids love taking command at times, and her homework would be done as well.

Create a visual board

Parents should understand the dreams and aspirations of their little ones, which is what a visual board exactly can help with.

Post important homework tasks for the week on the visual board, post pictures that show signs of success, maybe photographs of their favorite idols could help them get thinking on what the power of education can do when homework is done and completed.

If your child has scored an A in school, put that up as motivation and inspiration for him or her to follow. A visual board thus inspires and makes learning a fun activity, each evening!

We spoke about the ticket, didn’t we?

Every time you win something or achieve something, you get praises and a prize, don’t you? How do you feel about winning? And how do you feel about receiving a prize? Makes you proud right?

The same makes your kids feel great, not only at school but when their parents at home take the onus of providing them with praises or a prize.

Not materialistic but objective – a ticket for every time he or she did something marvelous and won a high grade should be honored.

These are small rewards your kid could accumulate and trade in for an hour with his friends over one less hectic week of the day, for a game of ball!

Beat the boredom

It is a fact that our attention span as adults takes a dive into the abyss every forty-five minutes, so imagine what the hyperactive brained child would be going through. Making them sit at lengths to study and do their homework would do more harm than good.

This is why a physical break is indeed a marvelous way to refresh the brain of the young one. Play their favorite music for ten minutes and ask them to dance around.

Give them a snack and a little something to drink; get back when the music stops and the kid is happy again!

Don’t wrack your brains over the child not getting high grades or topping the class. Rather focus on how you could best get them to have fun while doing their homework.

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