3 Products to Make Alpha Moms Rejoice!


3 Products to Make Alpha Moms Rejoice!

Balancing your life between career, children and a husband can be time consuming and busy Alpha moms need all the help they can get to make their lives a breeze. The following are three must-have products that combine style and innovative features for your child and will bring simplicity to your daily life.

1. Bright Starts InGenuity Cozy Coo Sway Seat

For Alpha moms looking for a natural swing that mimics being held, the Bright Starts InGenuity Baby Swing is the ideal product. The gentle side-to-side motion comforts your child and is soft and comfy. The unique sway is at the center of the product and has an array of features from the ultra-comfortable cradling seat to the mobile seat with an array of cute plush toys and over 10 soothing melodies and nature sounds that are sure to lull your baby into a sound sleep. It gets a thumbs-up for construction with TrueSpeed technology built into the Cozy Coo Sway Seat to aid in maintaining a favored speed as your child develops and grows. Assembly is easy and takes less than 25 minutes to put together.

2. Bright Starts InGenuity Automatic Bouncer

Soothing your baby and getting them to stop crying should no longer be a challenge with the Bright Starts InGenuity Automatic Bouncer. This miraculous bit of technology is a gift to moms because it replicates the mother’s natural calming efforts to bouncing with the HybriDrive baby swing system. The bouncer features a total of 11 melodies and nature sounds to help calm them quickly. The manufacturer puts comfort to the top of the list as the automatic bouncer is lined with plush upholstery to protect and cushion your little one. The head rest is detachable and adjusts perfectly to meet your baby’s needs. Safety is another key feature at the top of the list, and the bouncer comes with an integrated headrest, foot rest and harness system to keep your baby safe and secure as they bounce. The product is ideal for babies between six and 25 pounds. If you’re looking for a reliable and safe product that will provide both a peaceful and comforting setting for your child, you’ll find the bouncer to be a reliable performer.

3. BrightStarts InGenuity One Less Step SleepEasy Playard

The SleepEasy playard is stylish for your home setting and ideal for traveling to grandma’s house. The one less step folding system makes it easy to transport and can complement any room in your home. Not only is the playard stylish and convenient; parents will love the sleep easy feature that makes the bassinet a soothing, comfortable and safe place for your baby to sleep. The mattress is adjustable too and can remain flat or inclined. Another unique feature for parents is the just right height changing table. Storage is another important feature and you won’t be lacking in space to place your baby wipes, diapers and more.

The list of baby products on the market today can be overwhelming and difficult to tell the good from the bad. Fortunately, the above products actually live up to their claims and are not only beneficial for your baby; they can actually help busy Alpha mom’s simplify their life.

Nadine Swayne offers this article to help all the Alpha Moms juggling family life.  Although most moms are master multi-taskers, a new helpful product is always a welcome breath of fresh air!  Whether it’s a website offering innovative parenting techniques or a bouncer seat from the Bright Starts InGenuity line, parents will embrace ideas that make babyhood and their lives a little easier.

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