3 Smart Ways to Give Your Child a Healthy School Lunch

3 Smart Ways to Give Your Child a Healthy School Lunch

Feeding your kids the healthiest foods is critical to their development. School lunch delivery will help you focus on nutritional value and save you time!

Your child isn’t a robot. Offering the same tired lunch recipes every day is sure to trigger eye rolls and complaints of ‘not being hungry.’

To keep your child interested in school lunch, you have to spice things up. One easy way to keep your child enthusiastically eating healthy meals is with school lunch delivery.

Here are 3 smart ways to give your child a well-balanced school lunch.

1. Hide the Veggies

One of the best things about using a school lunch delivery service is the ability to provide balanced meals. These lunch experts know how to follow conventional wisdom about healthy proteins and vegetables and still make the meal look fun.

Cool lunches like sandwich wraps and fried rice have bite-sized chunks of vegetables that are likely to go undetected. Picky eaters won’t be able to resist the flavorful assortment of meals provided by a school lunch delivery company.

You can choose from your favorite meals to ensure your child gets a good mix of their favorite foods that include vegetables. You can also ease them into the idea of not having chicken nuggets every day with lunch presentations that look exciting to eat.

Choose My Plate recommends that children eat around 3 to 5 servings of vegetables each day. Keep in mind that this isn’t a rigid serving range.

Your child might need more or fewer vegetables depending on his age and level of activity. Active children actually need more vegetables than inactive children.

The nutrients from vegetables help restore their body systems after a long play outside. With a vegetable serving at lunch and dinner, your child will be well on their way to a healthy lifestyle.

2. Use Portion Control

Americans are often the subject of comedy spoofs about overeating. Our culture embraces bigger burgers, extra-large soft drinks, and pizzas.

But poor portion control can cost your child healthy arteries. School lunch delivery companies pride themselves on appropriate portion sizes when packaging meals.

Your child can adjust to eating less at eat meal starting with well-portioned school lunch. The lunch you get might be too much for younger kids or not enough for older kids.

If you need to supplement for an older child, add healthy meals to your child’s school lunch. For younger children, consider breaking up their school lunches into more than one lunch.

Rarely will the lunch be able to be split directly in half. Instead, you might pull food from three different meals to make a fourth meal.

Good meal supplements include fresh whole fruits, dried fruits, or cut-up vegetables. If your child is very active, pair your vegetables with a protein like cheese or nut butter.

3. Remix Recipes

Another way to get your child to eat healthier meals is to remix recipes. When you’re making lunches yourself, trying to meal prep for both lunch and dinner for the week can quickly get expensive.

Variety means buying multiple proteins and vegetables to create new dishes for each day. Unless you’re a master at reinventing leftovers, your child will likely grow tired of eating the same foods every day.

Save money by buying only the portion you need for one meal. For example, if you want to serve chicken parmesan for lunch. You can work with a school lunch delivery service to order just one or two meals for that week.

This keeps you from having to buy an entire package of chicken breasts, mozzarella cheese, and a whole box of noodles. You pay a nominal fee for a single meal but still get the advantage of delicious variety.

School lunch delivery services are masters at creative meal planning. You still get the advantage of including your child’s favorite ingredients but won’t have to do the work of trying to find clever ways to cook each meal.

How Much to School Lunch Delivery Services Cost?

The most common question parents have when considering a school lunch delivery is ‘how much will it cost?’ This is a valid question for any parent that considers grocery shopping an affordable experience.

Why buy more food if you’ve already got enough in your fridge to feed your family? The answer is good health.

Without spending hours each week prepping well-balanced meals, you’ll miss the chance to expose your child to a wide range of recipes. These recipes are specially made to help growing kids stay on track with their daily nutrient intake.

Your foods at home were likely purchased based on budget, flavor, or convenience. This is great for busy families, but won’t always provide your child with the healthiest possible option.

For a relatively small fee, you can provide your child with the best possible school lunch delivery option. If you’re on a budget, it’s possible to scale back and only order lunch a couple of times per week.

Skip the unhealthy lunches served at your child’s school and upgrade to a well-balanced school lunch delivery company. Most companies ship lunch meals around the country using temperature-controlled delivery services.

These companies make sure you get fresh meals each week saving your family time and money.

School Lunch Ideas

Every parent is likely to run out of school lunch ideas at some point. If you have picky eaters, you’ll also run out of patience in trying to help expose your child to new foods.

Don’t let your hours of trying a new arroz con pollo recipe go for naught. Invest in a school lunch delivery service that can help your child test out a new set of faves for a reasonable price.

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