4 Unexpected Problems Faced by New Mothers

Suddenly being responsible for a tiny, vulnerable human being is always going to be a shock to the system, but what problems do new mothers face that they hadn’t anticipated?

Constant Worrying

Even for women who would usually consider themselves as being pretty laidback, motherhood can send your anxiety levels sky-high. Checking your baby’s cot every five minutes and waking up at 3am because you ‘thought you heard a noise’ will become common occurrences, and new mothers can find themselves worrying irrationally. In most cases this is completely normal, but if you feel like your anxiety has come to a point where it’s taking over your life, you should see a doctor.

Negative Attitudes Towards Breastfeeding

For many women, breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, which is why many new mothers are shocked to receive disapproving looks when nursing in public. Unfortunately, this is a problem for mothers all over the world, and some women have even been asked to stop feeding their babies in public. Don’t let other people’s narrow-mindedness put you off though. There are plenty of ways to make breastfeeding more discrete if it makes you feel more comfortable, like investing in nursing clothing from somewhere like Mama Latte, or following these NHS guidelines.

To Work or Not to Work?

Some new mothers couldn’t think of anything worse than returning back to work, even if they had always planned to. For the women who feel like they have unexpectedly found their purpose in life through motherhood, their decision to abandon their previously successful career can be frowned upon by the people around them. This can be incredibly hard to deal with, but stick to your guns and do what makes you happy.

The Fight to Feel Like ‘Yourself’ Again

After nine months of pregnancy, many women look forward to the day they have their child for more than one reason. Some see it as the day you’ll begin to feel like yourself again, but the truth is that it’s a long process, and celebrities that have just given birth are certainly not a reflection of mothers all around the world. The chances are that it will take months for you to fully recover, and you might not have time to do your make-up every day or think about what you’re wearing until you settle into you and your baby’s your new routine. Eventually though, you will begin to feel like yourself again, but don’t expect it to happen overnight.

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