4 Ways to Spark A Love of Reading in Your Child

It is common knowledge that children who master reading have a higher level of success throughout their lives. Children who read well are more likely to graduate high school, and a very high percentage will attend college. Reading abilities also will impact jobs and job performance.

Encouraging your children to read is just one of the steps it takes to help them to become a better reader. You must create a way for them to enjoy reading and want to read on their own. There are several ways that parents can do this that are easy and often free.

1. Read bed time stories. Starting at a very early age, you should make the time each day to read to your children. Often this is easiest at bed time, but can be done at any time of the day. By setting aside a time to be one-on-one with your child you are creating a bonding time. Because you are reading during that time, you are giving them a good impression of books and a way to build their imagination.

2. Get a library card. Having their own library card gives a child many benefits. It will give them the ability to access thousands of books, have the responsibility of “checking them out” and returning the books on time, and give you and your child a chance to go out together to do something fun. The library also offers many free programs for children, teens and adults that are fun to do and will enhance literacy.

3. Online resources. There are many sites that are geared for children from toddler age to high school senior that will enhance reading skills and entertain at the same time. These sites usually use word games and other interactive ways to build reading and comprehension skills. In most cases, sites like readingrow.com, have designed these games in a way that the children do not even realize that they are learning.

4. Family example. One of the best ways that you can encourage your children to read is to set an example. Take the time each day, even if it is only for a few minutes, and turn off the television and sit and read. You will have the benefit of some relaxation, and you will be setting the best example ever to your children. Children who see that their parents believe reading is important are more likely to view reading in the same manner.

Reading and comprehension skills are very important. These are skills that can only be mastered through doing the act itself. You cannot “hope” to be a good reader, and you cannot assume that you are one. You must actively read to build these skills each day, even in adulthood. Encouraging your children to read will help them develop many other skills such as imagination and memory. These skills can take them even farther in their careers than education alone. Just think what it would be like today if no one had ever imagined a portable phone.

There are many ways that you can encourage your children to read, each with countless benefits. All it takes is a little time and effort to help them find the joys of reading. 

Georgina Clatworthy is a freelance writer and mother of 3 young children, all of whom love books and enjoy practicing their reading and literacy skills. Websites like readingrow.com are a great way to combine modern day technology and learning. Through interaction with online activities and games, children can find new ways to engage and enjoy learning whilst developing confidence in their reading abilities.

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