5 Simple Steps for Helping Your Kids Learn to Dress Right

Teaching children to get dressed is something most parents don’t think about right after having children. However, there comes a time in every parent’s life when it needs to be done. While it isn’t hard, it does take a little bit of patience, and getting your kids to dress properly can be even more difficult. Follow these five basic steps to teach your kids how to dress right.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

When physically teaching children how to dress, having them practice putting clothes on a stuffed animal or similar object can help them to better understand the concept of dressing, which can seem pretty foreign to children. Remember, children aren’t born with the spatial abilities that adults have, so reasoning how to put on a sweater might be a little more difficult than you realize.

2. Buy Neutral Colors

A child that’s just starting to pick out their clothes might be apt to pair purple pants with a black shirt, a yellow sweater and blue socks. Not exactly the most stylish look. However, if you fill your child’s closet with a fair amount of neutral colors that can be paired with almost anything, it will be more likely that they pick clothes that make sense on the first go round. Another option is to have your child pick part of their wardrobe – something neutral like a pair of tan shorts – and then help them pick their top from a selection that contains more vibrant colors.

3. Separate Pieces of Clothing by Color

When children first start to dress themselves, going through clothes in drawers can seem like a tough task, and you’ll likely end up refolding everything when it ends up in a ball on the floor. That’s why separating clothes by color groupings can be helpful. For example, shirts of a certain color can be in a drawer above pants or shorts or shorts of a certain color, so all your child needs to do is pick one of each since they’ll all match.

4. Take Your Child Shopping

It might sound counterproductive to take your young child shopping, but it can actually make the teaching your child how to dress appropriately easier when they have a hand in picking out their clothes. You don’t need to make shopping sessions with your child long – just take them with you for a few minutes. Who knows – they might even choose to get a fashionable shirt they can wear on a regular basis.

5. Don’t Be Negative

Children learning to dress themselves are going to do some silly things. Crazy color combinations will appear out of nowhere, and sweaters will end up backwards, inside out and in general disarray. As a parent, you need to stay positive so they build confidence. They’ll learn how to dress themselves appropriately over time – pretty much every child does. If you’re negative, it might take a bit longer since they’ll be uncomfortable and unsure of themselves. So be positive and patient as your child is learning.

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