8 Back To School Essentials You Mustn’t Forget

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When a child starts back to school after being on summer break, there are several essential items every parent or guardian must remember to get. These items include everything a child would need during the school day, such as backpacks and school appropriate clothing.

1. Naming Labels

On the first day back at school, naming labels make the day go by much easier for everyone — teachers, students and parents. Naming labels are just simple self-adhesive or iron-on clothing labels that can be written on for identifying purposes and placed on personal belongings (backpacks, pencils, and articles of clothing) or placed on the actual student as an identifier until everyone knows everyone else’s names.

2. Backpack

A backpack makes carrying books and other supplies to and from school much easier. Pick one that is appropriately sized for what your child needs to carry.  If you want it to last for the entire school year, spend a bit extra and pick one that will withstand being dragged, dropped, kicked and swung! The market for children’s school bags is huge and your child’s favorite characters can be found on bags of all shapes and sizes.

3. Pencils and Paper

Pencils and paper are a necessity no matter how old the student is. Pen and pencil sets are readily available, along with cases and tins to store them.

4. Erasers

This may seem like a strange addition to the list, but erasers are easily forgotten; however, they are a must when writing in pencil. The small erasers that come attached to pencils are just not sufficient for lasting the lifetime of the pencil, so look for erasers that can be bought in small packs that attach right over the top of the old eraser or in bigger packs that just sit on a desk.

5. Crayons and Markers

Crayons and markers are used frequently during the school day. Crayons are used more frequently for younger students, while markers are used more for older students. However, throughout all a child’s years in primary school, these two items will be a necessity.

6. Dictionary and Thesaurus

A pocket-sized dictionary and combined thesaurus is a necessity for older children, even in the later years of primary schooling.  Younger children may like to have an age appropriate version for themselves.

7. Calculator

A calculator is used all throughout a student’s school career. The type of calculator varies depending on the age of the student. A basic five-function calculator is sufficient for younger students while a scientific calculator may be needed for older students. 

8. School Appropriate Clothing

While students are on vacation, sometimes the clothing they wear is not school appropriate. Some schools require school uniforms, while others do not, but do require a certain dress code. Knowing the appropriate dress code and having school appropriate clothing is a necessity for going back to school. Given that uniforms can mean a considerable financial outlay, do make sure you add name labels to everything, from jumpers, ties and skirts/trousers to swim and gym kits.

Although this is not an exhaustive list of the essential items needed to go back to school, it’s a start. Setting a student up for success starts with having the essential items in hand when the student starts back for the new school year.

About the Author: Georgina Clatworthy is a freelance writer and mother of 3 who knows only too well the importance of including iron on clothing labels in her list of back to school essentials!

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