8 Grrrreat Gifts for New Dog Owners

Even if you are not the new dog owner in town, you will probably know someone who has just taken on the challenge of a new pup into their family, which is the perfect time to spoil them with a gift which is either practical or just plain indulgent.

Whether you want to spoil yourself or someone you know with something like dog Christmas ornaments or a helpful starter kit for new dog owners, here are some grrreat ideas to consider.

Dog first aid kit

Let’s face facts, dogs like to get into mischief every now and again and that is especially the case when they are relatively new to the world and exploring their surroundings.

Put together the components need for a dog first aid kit and you will be ready for most minor incidents in the home. Start by getting a large airtight plastic box and attach a card with the vet’s details on it to the inside of the lid, as this will help in an emergency when you can’t think straight.

The contents you need for the kit will include a thermometer, tweezers and some antibiotic ointment and vet wrap. It might not be the most fun gift but it will be well received.

Monogrammed towels

Your dog will have a regular need for a towel especially after a muddy walk, so why not spoil them with a monogrammed towel set?

It also makes it easier to pick up the right towel when the first letter of their name is monogrammed on the towels.


This a brand of rubber dog toy that is enduringly popular with owners around the world and dogs love them too!

Kong rubber toys for dogs will occupy your dog for hours and stop them from chewing other items in the house too. Fill it with some food in the middle and it will keep them entertained whilst they try to get every last bit out.

Back-seat protector

Owners love their dogs more than their car but they would still like to keep the family bus as clean and damage free as possible while they travel around with their canine companion.

Something like a Kurgo Wander Hammock or something similar, will protect the seating and keep the car clean, as well as creating a comfortable hammock-style space so that your dog can travel in comfort.

Travel bowl

Another great gift that often gets overlooked by new dog owners until they realise they need one, is a travel bowl.

You can often pick up an easy-to-pack travel bowl for under $10 and it makes it easy to give them a drink while you are out and about.


The branded Fur-Zoff looks like a pumice stone but works well in getting rid of unwanted fur on clothes.

Customer reviews on Amazon generally give this product the thumbs-up and would be a well-received gift with any new dog owner who will soon discover the joys of fur on clothing.

DOOG walkie bag

Walking a dog can sometimes be like taking the kids out with especially if you go on a hike with them.

The DOOG walkie bag has enough space and pockets for all the treats, poop pick-up bags and anything else you need, like your keys and cards, all in a lightweight bag that is no trouble to wear.


If you really want to treat yourself and keep on top of those pet hairs, the iRobot Roomba is not exactly cheap at around $400, but it is a gadget that keeps on top of the mess and gives you more time with your pooch.

We are a nation of dog lovers and there are some really great gifts that you can buy to enhance the ownership experience.

Diane Walsh is an established dog breeder. She is keen to share her knowledge and insights on canine matters with an extended online audience. You can find other blogs by Diane across a number of relevant websites.


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