Dolls Perfect for Your Little Girl

A doll is one of the most loved playthings for a young girl. Many parents remember the feeling of opening up a Cabbage Patch doll in the early 80s at Christmas time. That doll was a highly valued treasure throughout childhood. Today’s girls also have the same love. As you are thinking about a doll to give your daughter, consider these popular options.


Monster High

You would have to be living under a rock not to know what Monster High dolls are. Monster High is a line of dolls that merge fashion doll with the zombie genre. Each of the dolls, which has its own monster look, has a unique personality. With the online video series, girls are taught that it’s great to be who you are, no matter what others may say or think.


Barbie, as the world’s first real fashion doll, has led the way in imaginative play for girls. Through Barbie, today’s girls have learned that they can be anything they want. Whether a veterinarian, a teacher or an astronaut, they’ve had a beautiful blonde role model to look up to with Barbie.

Today, however, Barbie can be even more. Popular celebrities are now showing up as Barbie dolls. Is your older girl a Hunger Games fan? Then grab the Katniss Everdeen Barbie. Do you have a sports player in your life The Mia Hamm Barbie is a perfect choice. When it comes to Barbie, there really is a doll for everyone.

American Girl Dolls

Today’s young girl is growing up with a new companion – her favorite American Girl doll. These 18-inch dolls feature historically accurate clothing and a series of books that will teach girls more about their doll’s personality and her time in history. Of course, the brand has an extensive line of accessories for the dolls, so she will have everything she needs to play for hours.

American Girl dolls are built to last, so this is the heirloom your daughter can pass on to her own daughter’s some day. If your American Girl doll gets a little worn, no worries. Just ship her off to the American Girl hospital for a full makeover.

Baby Alive

For the under-four set, the Baby Alive line of dolls has several different varieties to choose from. Girls can have a all that they teach to walk, a doll that they feed and change and dolls that learn to say “mamma.” The realistic affects of these dolls make them an ideal training tool for your mommy-to-be.

Manhattan Toy Stella Doll

For the youngest little girls, a hard fashion doll just doesn’t cut it. Stella from Manhattan Toy is a soft baby that is perfect to cuddle. Just imagine your little mommy carting this soft doll around all over your home. If she gets dirty, you can give her a bath through the washing machine, which makes her a favorite with parents as well.

Sometimes knowing what gift to give a child is tough. With these five dolls, you are almost guaranteed to give a gift that will get hours of playtime. If there’s a girl on your shopping lift, a doll is the perfect fit.

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