How to Maximise Your Sleep on a School Day

Getting enough sleep can be a real challenge when you have kids.  The weekday routine is the most difficult stretch of the week, as your children require your attention on a morning, meaning you’ll have to wake up earlier than is necessary.  If you’re struggling to get your seven hours a night, here’s some advice to striking the right balance between sleep and tending to your family.

Share the Morning Burden

One good way to get more sleep is to cut down the number of times you drive your children to school, meaning you can sleep in that little bit longer.  You could let your partner organise the kids for half the week while you get the additional sleep you need.

If your partner doesn’t have the time to drive them to school, you could ask a close friend to pick them up, or they could walk to school if it’s local and you live in a safe neighbourhood.  If they don’t want to walk, you could incentivise them with a pair of safe quad roller-skates like the ones available from Skate Hut, which will help make the morning trip to school exciting for them. This way, you can stay fast asleep, safe in the knowledge that your kids are on their way to school.

Mid-Week Sleepovers

A further way to keep your kids happy while increasing the amount of sleep you receive is to start a sleepover club with the other mums and dads of the children your kids are in a friendship group with.  Although once in a while you’ll need to look after a large group of unruly children, more often you’ll get the evening to yourself and a full night’s sleep to help you through the tiring week.

Building a Routine

Routine is essential for sleep.  Your body likes to go to sleep at a certain time and the cycle shouldn’t be broken.  Therefore, you should take every effort to get to bed around the same time each night.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that a set bedtime is just for your kids; set an example and go to bed at a regular hour yourself.  If you find this difficult, a good technique is to start your bedtime routine 30-60 minutes before you go to bed.  This way, you’ll drop off quickly, maximising your sleep.

So there you have it, our guide to maximising the amount of sleep you get on a school night.

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