Setting Up the Nursery

Around 20 weeks into your pregnancy, you may have your first peek at the baby during an ultrasound. This is a great time to start getting the nursery ready for your little one. If you plan to order furnishings online, it’s especially important to get the furniture ordered because it could take up to 12 weeks for items to arrive.

After choosing your theme, textiles, and colors, the next big step in setting up the nursery is choosing the big furniture pieces that will go into the room. Most parents find that the most valuable pieces of furniture are the crib, a dresser, a changing table, and a comfortable chair. From here, you’ll add bedding, nursery accessories, clothing, and necessities.

The Furniture

When purchasing nursery furniture, consider the quality of construction and your budget. Think of factors such as how long you plan to use the furniture and whether more children will come along. Some parents look for pieces that can grow with the child and others prefer sturdy pieces that will work for future babies. Decide whether you want all of the pieces to coordinate with the others or you want an eclectic feel. This decision may also be impacted by whether you intend to use the room as a nursery again or plan to adapt it as the baby grows.

Furniture Positions

Arranging furniture in the nursery isn’t just about appearance and comfort. You also need to consider safety. For example, open windows, electrical cords, curtain ties, and other items all present risks to curious babies. Place the crib away from windows, away from heavy shelves, and away from cords. Many parents find that it’s most efficient to position the changing table near the crib and a chair between the crib and the door to the nursery. A dresser can be used to keep cords away from baby’s grasp. Don’t forget to secure heavy furniture to the wall, so that babies can’t tip it over.

Smaller Furnishings

After situating the furniture, it’s time to include lighting, storage options, and other furnishings. Did you know that ceiling fans can prevent SIDS? In addition to installing the fan, decide now to skip the crib bumpers and fluffy blankets. When putting up curtains, pay attention to cords and ties that could pose strangulation risks. It is a good idea to have heavy blinds or shades to help your little one sleep longer and to prevent baby from getting too hot (another tip for reducing the risk of SIDS.) Other items you might consider putting in the nursery are a footstool near the chair for night feedings and a hamper for holding baby’s clothes between laundry days. If the room isn’t carpeted, you may want to add a rug or two to help keep the room quiet.

Clothing and Blankets

Babies require a lot of clothing and other items, such as burp cloths, diapers, ointments, and blankets. Many articles geared toward new parents recommend at least eight onesies, sleepers, pairs of socks, and little booties; five nightgowns and pairs of pants, a couple of hats, pairs of mittens, and sweaters; and at least one snowsuit. This long list of items doesn’t have to mean chaos, however. Matisaurus, an online baby clothing boutique, offers clothing items with a focus on quality, comfort, and simplicity. The HuxBaby clothing line, for instance, has several different colors and patterns with a common theme, so the pieces can be mixed and matched, even when you have to change baby multiple times during the day.

The process of putting together the nursery and stocking it with all the necessary essentials may take the remaining few months of the pregnancy. Don’t lose sight of safety and comfort during this enjoyable task. As you work methodically through placing furniture, arranging your decorative furnishings, and then filling the room with clothing and supplies, you’ll also move closer and closer to the exciting day of delivery.

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