What I Wish They Had Have Told Me as a New Parent

What I Wish They Had Have Told Me as a New Parent

The journey to motherhood begins at conception. Every single day you have something new to learn. The nine-month journey is a mystery that’s full of discoveries. Even though you’ve read something about foetal development, when you get to experience it, it comes a new.

As you prepare to receive the little one, you want to have all the essentials ready. It’s your first baby, and, therefore, you want to give your best. Like every new mom, you can already picture what life will be like when the baby comes. So, no mistakes. You’ve got to get it right with every item!

Unfortunately, when it comes to parenthood, there’s nothing like perfection. Even when you think you’ve done everything right from the beginning, there are often things you’ll always feel you could’ve done better. 

Here’s what most parents wish they had done differently.

Choosing Toys

The excitement that you’re soon becoming a parent is overwhelming. Anytime you imagine life with the little one around, you want to get them everything they’d need to be happy. No wonder you rushed to buy different sets of toys to ensure they’ve got something interesting at every stage. Of course, that’s a good idea, considering babies play for the better time of their growth. 

However, did you have to buy all those toys? You only realise this after the baby starts getting bored with some of the toys. In many cases, you get to learn that your little one only likes one or two of the many toys you’ve bought for them. It might be quite a disappointment to end up with a bunch of toys that the little one may never use. With time, you also discover that babies love wooden toys, yet you probably got none. If you just bought a few, you’d keep getting fresh ones to make their play more enjoyable. 

Taking a Break from Work

If you’re running your own business or you’re a freelancer, it can be challenging to balance between parenting and work. The baby needs attention, but you also feel you need to make some money. Most self-employed parents get torn between meeting the baby’s demands and answering to clients. They try so hard to make sure clients never notice much of a difference in service delivery after the new one is born. 

In most cases, the baby suffers while you work hard to ensure everything is running in the company. Moreover, you don’t give your baby time to heal. So, after some time, you realise there are some gaps in your parenting, which may take time to fill. While it’s not easy to step away when it’s your company, for the sake of the little one, delegate your duties to a trustworthy team. 

Take a break from work and give the baby the attention they deserve. 

Stocking too Many Clothes

The majority of first-time parents wish they bought fewer clothes. As a new mom, you want the best for your little one, and that includes what they’ll wear. Whenever you walk into a baby’s shop, you want to grab every clothing piece you come across. Most first-time moms’ shop for clothes up to the ninth-month. At the end of it all, you’ve got a wardrobe full of adorable pieces to welcome the new member of the family. 

Unfortunately, the baby will only wear these clothes for some time owing to their fast growth. You realise it’s time to get new ones while you have a full wardrobe of new attires.

To avoid this, always work with a shopping list whenever you go shopping for baby’s clothes. Once you identify a brand that you can trust, go for the essential pieces and just stock enough of them. You’ll get more as the little one grows. 

Being Open to Help

The joy of becoming a mom is overwhelming, and you want to give the little one all the attention they deserve. Most moms don’t want to take their eyes off the baby and don’t believe someone else can take care of their bundle of joy better they do. So, they want to have their hands on everything. That’s fine, but why overwork your body when loved ones are willing to give a hand?

The majority of first-time parents don’t get enough sleep in the name of looking after the baby. Of course, there are times you have to sit for the better part of the night rocking and nursing the baby, but you don’t have to overdo it. It’s normal to be a bit anxious as a new mom. However, when the baby is sleeping, it’s OK to take a nap too. Additionally, if it’s not feeding time, let someone hold the baby for you as you take some rest. 

Welcoming Advice from Every Corner

If you’re new to motherhood, the experts will be there to tell you the dos and the don’ts. Since you’re still learning, you want to try everything that would make your parenting easier. However, it can be overwhelming to listen to everyone to share their parenting tips. Somethings, you’ll discover along the way, and, therefore, learn not to accommodate everybody.

Well, it’s good to learn from those who’ve been there before, but you need some peace of mind to take good care of your bundle of joy. Everyone you talk to will have a piece of advice, or they think they know better than you. But you don’t need to listen to everyone. Just pick what you feel is essential. 

Motherhood is amazing. It’s full of learning and mistakes, but in the end, an extraordinary experience. As a new parent, you may not always get it right from the start, but with time, you become a pro.

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